Alternative name(s): Servokroatisch (nl), serbokroatiska (sv)

Language family: Indo-European

Language group: Slavic

Geographical use: Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia

Information: The original name for this language was Bosnian. The language originated prior to the 10th century and ruled the region up to the second World War. Under Communist rule the languages was to be renamed to carry the name of the two largest population groups: Serbs and Croats. Hence, the name was set to ‘srpsko-hrvatski’ or Serbo-Croatian. After the division of Yugoslavia in 1991 the language was again renamed into its three forms: Croatian, written in the Roman alphabet, Bosnian, and Serbian, written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Otherwise Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian are as close to one another as Flemish and Dutch or British and American English.

Please refer to the separate Croatian and Serbian pages for information on the respective languages.