Alternative name(s): lietuviškai (lt), Litouws (nl), litauiska (sv)

Language family: Indo-European

Language Group: Baltic

Geographical use: Lithuania

Information: The oldest writings date back to around 1500. Lithuanian has two dialect groups: Low Lithuanian at the Baltic coasts, and High Lithuanian in the inland. Lithuanian is one of the most pure indo-European languages because it still has so many archaic indo-European forms. Current Lithuanian is derived from the West High Lithuanian dialect, but has strongly been influenced by Russian since the second World War.
Standard Lithuanian has seven cases (some dialects have eight or more), two genders (male and female), but no articles. Lithuanian frequently uses diphthongs and rising and falling intonations. Lithuanian is written with a Roman alphabet of 32 letters with diacritic signs. The alphabet is based on the one of the West High Lithuanian dialect that was designed by Jonas Jablonskis in the 19th century.