Language family: extinct Akkadian dialect

Geographical use: southern Mesopotamia

Information: Babylonian came around in 1950 BC. It was foremost used in historic, literary and religeous inscriptions. Its history is usually divided into 4 periods: Old Babylonian (1950-1500 BC), Middle Babylonian (1500-1000 BC), Neo-Babylonian (1000-600 BC) and Late Babylonian (600 BC-75 AD). In the Old Babylonian period the dialect spread out over the largest part of Syria. During the Middle Babylonian period it had become the diplomatic language par excellence for all great powers. By the 4th century BC it had been almost fully replaced by Aramese. Still, it maintained its existence as the language of law, religion, literature, and science. The last known Babylonian text is an astronomic tablet of 75 AD.