Alternative name(s): Albanees (nl), albanska (sv)

Language family: Indoeuropean

Language Group: Albanian

Geographical use: Albania, Greece, in Italy’s southern region Basilicata, in Montenegro and Kosovo (Serbia)

Information: For a thousand years two Albanian dialects have developed: Gheg and Tosk. The speakers of these dialects can understand each other without problem. However, when you go deeper down in the dialect, this is no longer true. Between 1909 and the Second World War, a southern Gheg dialect was Albania’s official language. After the War, the official language was based on Tosk. Albanian is being written in the Roman alphabet. It is a separate branch within the Indoeuropean family because there is no clear relationship with any other Indoeuropean language group. Albanian grammar looks like the grammar of Modern Greek and Romanian. The language has borrowed many words from Latin, Romanian and some Balcan languages.