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Despite modern technologies such as DAB, DRM, internet, satellite, etc. listening to medium and short wave remains very exciting.

Below you can find more information on this hobby:

What is DX'ing?


an overview of literally all long and medium wave stations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Long Wave
Medium Wave 531-1098 kHz
Medium Wave 1107-1700 kHz 
Perseus version

Thanks to Björn Tryba for his superb help!

Announcement 12 December 2015:
I have decided to no longer maintain the EMWG. There is not a single reason that led to this decision, it is a combination of factors which I won't go into (if you really do want to know, then mail me privately).
For now I will leave the latest version of the list online. I may decide to make the source file (Excel) publicly available or I may end up taking everything offline. No decision there yet.

Perseus SDR

QSL cards

DX stickers

Personal historical recordings

DX documentation

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